The “Wild” Difference

Wild Alaska seafood is a truly natural food source. The fish around the Aleutian Islands live as mother nature intended– there are no hatcheries or fish farms out here. With responsible fishery management the fish are an ever-renewable resource. Some fishing seasons are more productive then others, and the independent fishermen must live with the risk of striking out. But we continue to go out, day after day, because we love what we do and we are proud of what we produce. The difference in quality between wild-caught and farm-raised seafood will speak for itself.

Farmed fish are mass produced in an unnatural habitat, typically a large net-pen. They are fed concentrated fish meal and create a significant amount of waste and disease in the waters surrounding their pens. Often referred to as “aquaculture,” fish farming is a corporate-run, large scale industry. Aquaculture is focused on the quantity produced rather than the quality of the product, and this has allowed farmed fish to undercut the wild caught fish in the marketplace. This is not only affects the livelihood of the independent fishermen, but it also has a negative effect on the ecosystem of the ocean.

You can find more information on this discussion by visiting the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute’s website. Learn more from Salmon: Wild vs. Farm diagram on “how wild & cultivated salmon impacts our health & the environment”. We at Morshovi Bay Fish Company truly believe that wild Alaska seafood is good for you, good for the fishermen that catch it, and good for the planet. Whether you purchase your fish from Morshovi Bay or from another source, we encourage you to choose “wild” over “farmed.”